Turning the tables – an interview with yours truly

Dear readers,

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Holden Lee, the Vice-President of the MIT Undergraduate Mathematics Association. Excerpts from it are going to be published in the next edition of the upcoming Math Majors Magazine, but Holden was gracious enough to share the recording with me, and I’m happy to share it with all of you.

It was an interesting experience to be the one giving the interview, rather than the one conducting it, and I did end up asking Holden a few questions myself in the process (he recently won a prestigious scholarship and has done some work in mathematics education). We talked about my tortuous path in mathematics, what I learned from my mentors, the value of communicating mathematics to the non-specialists, this blog, mathematics education, and a few other things. Since Holden and I talked at a local coffeeshop, there is a certain amount of background noise, but it doesn’t seem to get in the way. Here is our conversation. Hope you enjoy it!

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