Dancing empowers girls to pursue mathematics: an interview with Kirin Sinha

Dear readers,

I recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Kirin Sinha, who just completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. I found out about Kirin through an MIT News article and was intrigued by her initiative to help middle-school girls gain confidence in mathematics that uses not only traditional tutoring, but also dancing.

Kirin may be my youngest interviewee so far, but her passion for making a difference in the way mathematics is taught and perceived in society comes through very clearly. In addition to being a mathematician and a dancer, she is also an accomplished musician and music composer, and we had a great discussion of the close relationships between artistic and mathematical pursuits. Here is our interview.

Kirin hopes to bring her program, SHINE, to more girls around the world, and I hope you will join me in supporting her initiative by making a donation to her non-profit.

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